Welcome to HEAD Nepal

Imagine you live in a place where there are no streets. The footpath in the village is covered with stones, mud and water. Not to forget the holes and steep slopes on or next to the way. Most people live from farming, though this is very difficult due to the mountainous landscape.

Are you still with me?

Now try to imagine that you cannot see well or you are even totally blind. How would you move around on the roads full of obstacles and surprises? And what would you eat if you were not able to do farming? The only way is to get a good education and to find alternative means of income.
But the challenges continue. At school you are not able to read what is written on the blackboard or use textbooks. Friends laugh at you because you cannot do your homework or bump into obstacles.

What to do?

The HEAD Nepal Blind School brings the solution. Blind and partially sighted children learn methods for effective studies, such as Braille. They also learn how to move safely in a remote area like Humla with the use of a white cane. They practice daily living skills to be independent at home and they learn to be confident so that they can respond to challenges and discrimination.