About HEAD Nepal

The Himalayan Education and Development [HEAD] Nepal is a non for profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental regional organization working for the empowerment and development of people with disabilities in the entire Himalayan region of Nepal. The organization was founded in 2011 by Mr. Chhitup Lama with the active participation of the local people of Humla. HEAD Nepal is registered under the district administration office Humla government of Nepal. The office of HEAD is located at the district headquarter of Humla, Simikot, as the activities are currently concentrated on this district.

HEAD Nepal sees a Nepal where the persons with disability participate actively in all sectors of society with a high social position and respect.

The mission of HEAD Nepal is to expand the participation and contribution of Nepali men, women and children with disabilities especially from the mountain region of Nepal in all aspects of the society, by empowering, educating, strengthening and mobilizing them in every sector and activity of life.

For more information visit the website of
Head Nepal


1 thought on “About HEAD Nepal

  1. What a beautiful place. Nice pictures. Go, go, go, Bats In Action is in full support of Head Nepal.

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