How Simikot faced the electricity supply problem:

Can you imagine a world which is completely dark, no means of communication, no INTERNET, no telephone line, no mobile phone network, no television, no computer operating etc. You might think that this is almost impossible in the 21st century. If so, then you are wrong. Such a world still exists in almost everywhere in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Now I am especially talking about the district headquarter of Humla, Simikot. Simikot has been one of such places that faced huge difficulties with the lack of all these developmental infrastructures for the last 3 months. It is all due to the electricity supply problem in Simikot. The „Hildum Mini-Hydopower“ stopped supplying electricity in September 2011 because of a big destruction in the dam caused by a flood. And the District Electricity Office also took a very long time to fix it up due to the lack of sufficient resources. The public in Simikot and some of the villages around experienced very difficult circumstance, for example concerning many house-hold works, communication, business etc. Moreover, the organizations, INGOs, NGOs, and government organizations who are functioning in Humla are badly affected with this long time power cut. Some of the organizations, who are financially stronger, installed a solar system to manage the urgent organizational and official/administrative works and communication within the organization and even with the outer world. But those who don’t have enough fund to afford the solar system underwent a tougher situation for the last few months. Many of the works in the organizations got delayed, some remained pending, some were postponed, some even got canceled and some were disorganized. The work efficiency has been decreased and some of the staffs had less work during the office time.
Now these kinds of difficulties are over as the hydropower was repaired partially and it started supplying electric power from November 25, 2011. Once again the life in Simikot has been bright allover and the means of communication are running smoothly. It is still in a testing or examination period. The future will show how sustainable and reliable the electricity supply will be in Simikot.


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