Explore Humla

We invite tourists with and without disabilities to join us on a journey to explore the nature, culture and traditions of Humla with all senses. The program for accessible tourism takes special care of the needs of blind and partially sighted travelers because students of the HEAD Blind School will be the guides to take their guests to a journey through their world.

Different tours take the group into the mountains and end in villages of blind or partially sighted students. While staying with their families, visitors learn about life in such a remote area and get to know the culture of Humli people. While walking up and down hill there is always time to appreciate beautiful mountain views or to discover different plants or rock formations. While riding on horse back it is easier and faster to move up the hills and arrive back in the accommodation for the typical Humli food, maybe some momos. We don’t tell you what it is, you have to come and find out yourself!

There will be offered two journeys per year, one in spring when there is the Raling festival, a Buddhist tradition with rituals, drums and dances. The journey in autumn gives visitors the possibility to participate in one of the many Hindu festivals.

The contact with the students of HEAD Nepal Blind School and their families as well as meetings with other local NGOs gives visitors the possibility to learn about the challenges of living in a remote area like Humla without many services that are normal in other parts of the world.

At the beginning and the end of the journey there is also time to explore Kathmandu with many historical sights and shopping opportunities.


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