Parents Meeting at Mobile Blind School

For HEAD Nepal it is very important to include the parents of the blind and partially sighted children in decisions about the project development. Therefore, parents meetings are organized regularly to discuss the progress of students and decide on new plans. The last meeting was held on August 15th 2011 in the HEAD Nepal office in Simikot. This day it was raining heavily, this meant several hours of walk in the rain for many of the parents. Their decision to participate in the meeting under those circumstances tells a lot about their commitment to the education of their visually impaired children.

In the first part of the meeting, the director, Chhitup Lama, and the teacher, Lokraj Shahi, talked about the progress of the students and the parents had the chance to give feedback about the work of the Mobile Blind School. The volunteer of HEAD Nepal encouraged the parents to challenge their children to become as independent as possible. Later, the parents discussed their contribution to the planned residential program where their children would receive a more intensive training. In a lively discussion it was decided that the parents would contribute food to the program. They will bring vegetables and other required food items to the center. After tea and biscuits the meeting was closed and the parents got on their way through the rain on a long walk back to their villages.


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